As dojo leader of the Karate-Dojo Shogun Hof e. V., I would like to warmly welcome all visitors on our internet pages. In 1994, we founded our dojo, in order to offer a home for sports to all persons who are interested in traditional karate-do. Karate is for all, no matter they are small or tall, young or old. Women train with us with the same enthusiasm like men do. It does not matter for which motives somebody starts training karate. Our dojo intends to demonstrate to all karatÚkas possibilities to develop on physically and psychically by karate-do, the way of the empty hand, and to thus mature to a strong and secure personality. The prerequisites for this are made by our highly motivated and qualified trainer team.

I am inviting all visitors to a virtual excursion through our dojo. Anybody having found interest in our dojo or intending to receive additional information may contact us at any time. The door is open to everybody.


Norbert Gla▀l (sensei), 5th dan karate
4th dan tonfa jutsu
2nd dan kobudo


Instructor Norbert Gla▀l, 5th dan karate, 4th dan tonfa jutsu, 2nd dan kobudo